Illustration de la business intelligence climatique et de la météo-sensibilité.
Once upon a time, weather-sensitivity

« Let’s be honest, weather is a risk for the majority of companies… This is weather-sensitivity, and the associated science is called climate business intelligence. Metigate has got a mission: turn weather risk into opportunities in order to improve your sales, your ROI and the quality of your stocking. Our approach relies on predictive weather activation which consists in adapting your customer acquisition and supply chain strategies to the weather context of your prospects, with the agility of a dragonfly! »

Julien Trombini, CEO of Metigate
What a chance to be weather-sensitive !

Like the vast majority of companies, you’re weather-sensitive. Thanks to our expertise in climate business intelligence, hundreds of catalog references and artificial intelligence algorithms specific to weather-impact assessment, we certainly know the impact of weather on your business.

And the stakes of weather-sensitivity are enormous! Here are some examples …

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Barbeque sales on good weather over 5 consecutive days
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Google searches for exotic travel when it’s cold
Calls for troubleshooting heating on a cold day
Bad weather forecasting for transmission system maintenance
Predictive weather activation is the solution

Enrich your customer knowledge with their purchasing intentions based on their weather context, and custom your Search, Display, CRM, Marketing and Supply Chain strategies to improve your results.

A potential available thanks to predictive weather activation that allows you to easily implement weather-impact into your process. This concept – created by Metigate – is a ready-to-use solution with our API and SaaS platform Weather-to-actionTM

API and SaaS platform that translates weather
into purchasing intention scorings and automatically realizes
customed actions to the weather context of your prospects

Plug & Play connectors for easy interfacing with your favorite software

An API for free integration in your environment

email alerts and dashboards for decision support

Weather-to-actionTM enables you to achieve unprecedented levels of performance in key areas of your business
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ROI increase on Google Adwords campaigns

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increase in in-store sales in one season

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information on the number of visitors to a theme park

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calls in client tray during peaks

Free the dragonfly that is in you

Like our Weather-to-Action TM  users, switch to integrated weather.

As climatic contingencies increase, your ability to adapt to changes in the weather will be the key to your future success! This is the full meaning of climate business intelligence and integrated weather.

Leroy Merlin

Metigate finally allows us to realize our project of management of the weather-sensitivity of our products. Weather-to-action is the ideal tool to optimize the entire chain with respect to the impact of the weather, with an improvement in sales and store margins!

SNCF Reseau

With Weather-to-action for Railway, Metigate predicts the temperature of the rail over the next few days depending on the weather. We optimize the planning of the maintenance of the rail and the safety rounds

Engie Home Services

The troubleshooting of the boilers is extremely weather-sensitive: every time the cold stops, the number of calls to our customer shelf increases. Weather-to-action allows us to automate communication with our customers to encourage them to have their equipment checked before a temperature drop, depending on their geo-location. The peaks of calls are smoothed more favoring the quality of our customer service


Metigate has the expertise, the team and the product to finally answer an ancestral problem: the adaptation of the economic activity to the weather conditions. a potential under-exploited by the companies but finally accessible to all thanks to Weather-to-action!


The Weather-to-Action application anticipates peaks in quote requests and alerts my sellers to peaks of upcoming activities. We adapt the processes accordingly to ensure optimal customer relationship quality!