A specific weather-impact management project? Benefit from our unique expertise in meterology, AI and big data
The best weather data

Open source and proprietary weather forecast models, combined with algorithms dedicated to reliability improvement.

High-accuracy proprietary historical weather data to train our predictive models.

Big data & IoT

IT architectures and infrastructures to process voluminous data and make them available for your needs.

An ability to collect data from your IoT in order to add our AI layer and develop predicitve models.

IA dédiée à l’impact météo

Via our expertise in AI, Metigate is at the top of the machine learning technology, to get the best predictive models.

Random forest or deep learning, Metigate uses a technology adapted to your needs.

An example of collaboration with French SNCF Réseau

A platform dedicated to railway network weather risks: a railtrack temperature predictive model (world’s first), alerts for frost on the catenary line, and snow depth monitoring.

Metigate enrich data from SNCF Réseau’s IoT sensors with an artificial intelligence layer and top-of-the-game meteorology, to anticipate up to 16 days ahead the outputs of the sensors and make it available to the maintenance operators via a dedicated interface.