Climate resilience: will your business still exist in 2030?

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Our reason of being: measure your climate resilience and manage your weather sensitivity

Climate change must not destroy the economy … and vice versa. This is why Metigate, thanks to machine learning, helps weather-sensitive companies measure, track, and minimize the impact of climate change on their performance. While contributing themselves to the achievement of carbon balance at the planetary level. This is what we call climate resilience. The ideal solution to address the climate issue in the interest of organizations.

According to IPCC, the impact of climate change in 2030 will be huge

air temperature
heatwaves frequency
extreme rain frequency

It is urgent to integrate this variable into your management and to adapt to the changes that are now inevitable

Many frameworks of recommendations encourage or require companies to communicate on their climate-related financial risks and their own climate impact (GHG assessment, TCFD, European green taxonomy, CSRD, CDP, etc.).

But companies, even aware of their weather sensitivity, lack the tools to adapt climate scenarios to their areas of activity, quantify the impact of the climate on their activities, and deploy solutions to improve their climate resilience.

What if you managed your interfaces with the climate through your climate resilience? To turn regulatory constraints into opportunities for your business.

Metigate develops analysis tools and methods based on your data and machine learning to respond to weather-sensitivity or climate-dependence issues.

We precisely assess the impact of a 2030 and 2050 climate on your profitability and your License-to-Operate, and identify operational or strategic resilience actions, which we are implementing in your organization.

Le référent de la résilience climatique.

Our solutions to address the climate issue in the interest of your structure

A solution to score your climate resilience and track your progress over time. And another to integrate the predictive impact of weather and climate into your existing management solutions. For example your ERP, CRM, BI, purchasing or maintenance software.

The Climate Resilience Index

Stress test of the impact of a 2030 or 2050 climate on your business, to monitor your progress and communicate your actions. We measure the financial impact of chronic and extreme climate change on your structure, as well as your ability to adapt.

Climate Resilience-as-a-Service

We use your data and our machine learning algorithms to build predictive models of the impact of weather and climate on your business. Then we integrate them into your decision-making processes or into dedicated dashboards to adapt to you.


Our program mamaclimaTM

It is obviously impossible to limit the impact of the climate on its activity without also reducing its own impact on the climate, right? 😄 mamaclima is an open-source, non-profit program to generate environmental gains for the benefit of the climate. And this thanks to solutions based on artificial intelligence. For example, a vegetable garden robot that collects agronomic data in order to model the impact of the climate on plant growth. A subject that is so essential to the study of the resilience of our agriculture to climate change.

They are already improving their climate resilience with Metigate

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Le référent de la résilience climatique.


Who are we ?

Metigate is a company with a mission and a collective with unique expertise in machine learning, big data, meteorology and climatology. Therefore, we have all the skills to deploy solutions tailored to your needs. From managing your weather sensitivity and your climatic hazards, to improving your environmental performance for the benefit of the climate.

Why work with us?

Unique expertise in the management of climate hazards. And machine learning solutions trained for weather-sensitivity issues.

Ready-to-use, industrialized cloud computing solutions and dashboards. From sourcing input data to providing outputs.


A trusted third party for a collaborative open innovation approach that promotes a rapid and effective response to the challenges of climate resilience.

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