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A story of seasons…

« In a climate context adverse to companies, Metigate has developed a platform that improves by 20% the return of investment of marketing campaigns. Your issue? Weather conditions vary a lot on a daily basis and one of the impacts of climate change is a modification in the cycles of the seasons. In this context, purchase intentions of your products are difficult to anticipate and the performance of your marketing campaigns is reduced.  »

Julien Trombini, CEO of Metigate

Weather for marketing activation

The usage of weather creates new business opportunities. But mismanaged,
it leads to frustration and a lack of gain. Indeed, weather impact is often hidden, and difficult to assess. Artificial intelligence is the only solution to understand it accurately, and to activate it efficiently.

A few examples of weather impact

Increase in barbecue sales for 1 day of May at 24°C in the North. In the South, the same conditions don’t cause a raise in sales

Observed boost of Google researches for exotic travels after 7 days of rainy or cold weather in the region of Paris


Number of additional calls to customer support for boiler maintenance, on the first coldwave of automn


Increase in white beer sales after 2 days of summer weather. Blond beer sales increase as well, but a little bit less

Metigate helps many actors of the retail, energy and travel industry to improve their marketing performance by 20%

Leroy Merlin

Metigate finally allows us to realize our project of management of the weather-sensitivity of our products. It is the ideal tool to optimize the entire chain with respect to the impact of the weather, with an improvement in sales and store margins!


Metigate detects weather-impact on sales to better quantify our commercial performance, and take the best decisions. We have gained 41% of accuracy on the assessment of our commercial performance.

Engie Home Services

The troubleshooting of the boilers is extremely weather-sensitive: every time the cold stops, the number of calls to our customer shelf increases. Metigate allows us to automate communication with our customers to encourage them to have their equipment checked before a temperature drop, depending on their geolocation. The peaks of calls are smoothed more favoring the quality of our customer service


By adjusting the bids of our Google Ads campaigns depending on weather-impact on the purchase intention for our energy contracts, Metigate significally improves our performance.


Metigate has the expertise, the team and the product to finally answer an ancestral problem: the adaptation of the economic activity to the weather conditions. a potential under-exploited by the companies but finally accessible to all thanks to Weather-to-action!


Metigate application anticipates peaks in quote requests and alerts my sellers to peaks of upcoming activities. We adapt the processes accordingly to ensure optimal customer relationship quality.

Metigate platform dedicated to digital marketing

A plug&play integration, full API, within a few minutes

Metigate, it’s an API platform that provides retailers’ digital acquisition teams a powerful tool to anticipate consumer behaviour due to weather conditions, and to automatically adapt their marketing campaigns, to improve sales and margins.

Ecran de Weather-to-action, le logiciel pour gérer votre météo-sensibilité et tout comprendre de la business intelligence climatique.

Purchase intentions scorings, for more than 350 products, over more than 2000 geographical zones in France or worldwide, in real time and with 15 days of anticipation, via an API client. And if we do not have your product in our catalog, we create it customed to your needs. 

API functionalities for an easy integration into your existing marketing tools, in order to push our bids, budgets and contents recommendations adapted to weather-impact on your products purchasing intentions.