The reason of being of the Climate Resilience Index

Climate change must not destroy our economy … and vice versa.

The Climate Resilience Index is the open source scoring that measures your climate resilience performance.

It is a complete audit of the impact of the climate on your activity, for your entire value chain, with recommendations for improving your resilience and your own impact, to enable you to address the climate issue. in the interest of your structure.

Native resilience

Score for the structure’s native exposure to climate. Score related to the field of activity and the value chain.

Hazard reduction

Percentage reduction in climate-related hazard due to your company’s actions across the entire value chain.

Global performance

Overall climate resilience score for your business and recommendations for improvements.

Global methodology

  1. Workshop to identify your climate-dependent activities and their value chain.
  2. Collection of data available for the activities concerned.
  3. Modeling the weather impact using machine learning algorithms.

How to carry out your climate resilience audit?

You can perform auditing and scoring independently using the open source method of the Climate Resilience Index and associated supports, or you can call on a qualified auditor of the Climate Resilience Index by contacting Metigate.