The application that translates weather into impact scorings based on your activity, then realize commercial and operational actions suited and customed to your weather-sensitivity

Easy to use, educational and incredibly poweful! 

Weather-to-actionTM in 3 steps
SOURCING of weather data
ASSESSMENT of weather impact
REALISATION of a specific action

Metigate offers three packages for a perfect use of Weather-to-actionTM

  • Full access to the functionalities
  • Selection of a product within Metigate’s catalog
  • 72h email support
  • Up to 20 products from Metigate’s catalog
  • Customed analysis of weather-sensitivity
  • Phone and email support
  • Advanced weather data
  • Co-development of specific functionalities
  • Interface adapted to your needs

An even wider range of integrated weather,
thanks to our solutions developed with our partners

  +        =    Managing the weather impact directly connected to your big data platform.
  +        =    An impact indicator for your mapping solution.
  =    The best weather models in the best API client.